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When the Stars Shine

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Introduction: Adventures Under the Stars, An RV Community


Hey Ya'll! My name is Hannah. I am a wife, a mother to 3 beautiful children, a fur mom to 2 labs and a chicken charmer to roughly 60 of my beloved chickens. This blog will serve as an outlet to write and explore my interest and experience in RV camping.

After I lost my brother to suicide in September 2022 my mental health rapidly started to decline. I felt lost and alone in a dark world that was swallowing me whole. My mind was in a steady chaos, and I was losing control.

Hands coming together with stars.
A quote by Jack Kerouac

It's been almost a year now since that dark cloud appeared and I'm working on healing, growing and letting the stars shine through.

At night when I'm outside of our travel trailer stargazing and listening to the insect's chirp and the frogs croak my mind begins to clear and I finally feel free. I can relax as I soak up the sun in my favorite RV resort's pool. I enjoy watching my children play especially when they are being kind to each other. I waive to other campers as they stroll by and say good morning or good evening with a sincere smile on my face. I feel a sense of community among the people I meet.

I want to share my experiences, knowledge and also grow along the way. I hope you'll stick around, learn and enjoy what I have to share. The RV Community is great, and we are all in this together.

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